What's new for 2018

New this tax season:

Cost Savings

  • Form credits – efile1 has tiered pricing – meaning the more you buy, the lower the cost each form becomes. However, in the past, if you didn’t want to submit all your forms in one transaction, you didn’t receive the best pricing. Now, you can purchase credits based on your expected number of forms and then check out as you go, getting the tiered pricing discount. The credits are automatically debited from your account and you can keep track of your credits on your dashboard. This feature is easy to use and is designed to save money if you have many forms to complete.


  • Print preview – This new feature allows you to avoid errors by providing you a print preview of the forms you’ve created. You can save the preview form as a PDF; and send it to your payers and/or recipients for review prior to officially submitting your forms. This will help to prevent costly errors.
  • Print and mail option – This year you have a new option to have efile1 print and mail your forms only. This is in addition to the options previously provided of e-file only or e-file and deliver. If this option is selected, we will print and mail forms to your recipients. However, if you select this option, you will need to submit your tax information forms separately to the IRS/SSA.
  • Import multiple corrections – With the updated Excel template, you can upload multiple forms to be corrected at once! You don’t have to upload one by one any more.


  • TIN validation – Having the right information for your contractors and employees helps you avoid errors and save time. Incorrect TINs can result in form rejection by the IRS/SSA. Use TIN Validation Services to verify EINs and SSNs to ensure accurate TIN/Name combinations for payer and payee data. This service is available through December xx; please allow up to a week from when you submit your file to when your corrected file is returned.
  • Multiple entries on W2, box14 – If you need to use box 14, now you can report up to 3 rows of descriptions and other income on your W-2s.
  • Enhanced validation rules – More validation rules have been incorporated into the process to notify you immediately when information is missing or entered incorrectly. You’ll be able to correct the error right away!

Intuitive Interface

  • Creation of payers and recipients – This function has been streamlined so that you can enter the payers and recipient’s information while you are creating a form without leaving the form page.
  • Report creation – Generating reports has become simpler and more efficient. You can generate a Summary or Totals report for filed forms or forms in progress without having to go to two different places. Choose the report you need from the dropdown menu.
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