How do I change my email address and/or password?

Follow the steps below to change your email address or password on your account:

1.  Log in to your account

2.  Click Account Settings link in the upper right corner of the screen (under Welcome (your name) you are securely logged in.)

3.  Click Change Email/Password link on the left hand side of the page

If changing your Email continue to Step 4.  If changing your password move to Step 6.

4. If changing your email go to the bottom half of the screen, enter your current password in the 1st field, then new email in the 2nd and 3rd fields.

5. Click Change Email button.

6.  If changing your password at the top half of the screen enter your current password in the 1st field and your new password in the 2nd and 3rd fields.

7.  Click Change Password button.

 Note:  Make sure when changing your password you meet current password requirements:

 Password must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain the following:
    •  at least one number (0-9)
    •  at least one letter (a-z)
    •  at least one symbol (e.g. !@#$%^&()+?)

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