How to Edit a Submitted but not yet E-Filed Form

How to Edit a Submitted but not yet E-Filed Form



mceclip1.pngStep 1

Log in to your account.  Enter your email address and password, click that you are not a robot and click the Log In button.



Step 2

Confirm you are on the Dashboard page.

At the top right corner you should see Welcome (your name). You are securely logged in.

On the Navigation Bar, click Order History to be directed to Filed Forms.


In order to make an “Edit” on a form that has already been submitted but not yet e-filed you need to verify first if the forms are in the “Edit Data” status – this will appear in the Correct Errors Column.

If a form does not have this status available it means it is either in the processing of being e-filed or has already been e-filed.



Step 3

Use the filter to choose which form you just processed and need to make an edit on.



Step 4

If the “Edit Data” link appears in the Correct Errors column you are still able to edit that form prior to it being e-filed for $1.95.

Click the “Edit Data” link.



Step 5

You are prompted with a question “This form has not yet been e-filed.  Would you like to edit the original form for $1.95?”.

If you click Yes, you will be brought to a page where your original form appears with all the original data you input.

If you click No, the action will be canceled, the pop-up will disappear and you will remain on the Filed Forms page.



Step 6

If you clicked Yes, in the prompt message you can now make your changes and click Submit & Checkout to place your form into Unfiled Forms. You will then have to proceed through the checkout process to pay for your $1.95 edit.


Or you can click Cancel Edit if you do not have any edits to make and that will prompt a question “Are you sure you want to discard changes?”.



 If you click Ok, your form will be put back into Filed Forms and show the “Edit Data” link – it will also be available for e-filing pick-up the next time the business e-files forms.

If you click Cancel, it will cancel your action and you will remain on your edit form page, still allowing you to make changes.

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