How to File Corrections - Having NOT Filed an Original on the Site

Click here if you filed original with us.


Please note - dollar amount corrections supported


Step 1

Log in to your account.  Enter you email address and password and click the Log In button.



Step 2

If you are new to the site you will need to set up Payers & Recipients before being able to file any forms.  From this page you can select to create your payers and recipients either manually or by import.  To see full instructions on how to create payers & recipients click here.



Step 3

If you have already created payers & recipients are ready to file a correction form, click Filing Center in the navigation bar and then click Correction Forms.

A pop-up message will appear reading “Did you file your original form with our site?”.

Click No.




Step 4

You are navigated to the Correction Forms page.  Choose which Correction Form you need to file.

Remember - The only Correction Forms we offer on the site are: 1099-MISC Correction, 1099-DIV Correction, 1099-INT Correction, 1099-S Correction, 1098 Correction and W-2 Correction..

Click the 'File (form type) Correction' button for the form you need to file a correction.



Step 5

Fill out your form just as you filled out your original form. *Make sure all information is entered exactly the same as it was on your original*. Just make the change to the amount field(s) you entered incorrectly on your original.



Once all your information and changes have been made you can either:

  • Click Submit & File More – this action will put your correction form in 'Forms In Progress' and then pull up a blank Correction form of the same type.


  • Click Submit & Checkout – this action will put your form in 'Forms In Progress' and navigate you to this page.



  • Click Cancel – this action will prompt a question “Are you sure you want to discard changes?”. If you click Ok, it will discard any data entered on the form and navigate you back to the File Correction Forms page. If you click Cancel, it will cancel the action and you will remain on the current form page you are on and will be able to continue your process.


Step 6

Once you have completed filling out your correction form(s) you will need to complete the purchasing process by adding your forms to your Cart.

Choose the form you want to purchase by selecting the box next to the form in the Select All Column on the grid, choose your service option and then click Add to Cart.



This will place your form in your cart where you can now proceed to checkout to submit and file your correction form.



Step 7

Once you have completed the checkout process, you will see your Correction Form listed in the grid on the Filed Forms page (once you have selected the form type and clicked 'Apply')

Original Forms will show a value of “Correction Filed” in the Correct Errors column and your Correction Form will follow the same process as any other form, allowing you to “Edit Data” until it has been e-filed, then allowing you to “File a Correction” once it has been accepted by the IRS.


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