How to Read the Season Summary Chart

Step 1

Confirm you are logged in – you should be brought to the Dashboard page and you can see My Dashboard on the screen.

The Season Summary chart is located on the right bottom of page.



 Step 2 – Understanding Season Summary


Forms E-Filed: The form(s) have been submitted and paid for but not yet e-filed to the IRS or SSA. 

Forms Accepted by Agency: The form(s) have been electronically filed, and the IRS or SSA has received the form(s). Consider this as a “return receipt” that the IRS has the form. This does not mean the data is accepted – just that the form has been received.

Recipient Copies Mailed: The form(s) have been electronically filed and printed copies have been mailed to the employee, independent contractor or other recipient.  

Recipient Accepted E-Delivery: These recipients have opted in to receiving their copies electronically instead of printed copies. 


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