How to Use the Forms In Progress Page

Step 1

Log in to your account.  Enter your email address and password and click the Log In button



 Step 2

Confirm you are on logged in by being on the Dashboard - My Dashboard will be on the screen.

Note: If you have not filed any forms – you must first complete the process of filing your forms and then you will be able to access the Forms In Progress page.  




 Step 3

You can access the Forms In Progress page in 2 ways:

1.  If you have currently have forms in progress, the Dashboard will display a message as a reminder of the number of forms you have in progress. 

Click View Forms on this message.


2.  Click Filing Center from the Navigation bar and then click Forms In Progress




 Step 4

Once on the Forms In Progress page you can do the following -

A. Filter your grid by Form Type or Payer.



 form_type_drop-down.png           payer_drop-down.png


B. Choose the number of forms you would like to view on your page at once. It defaults to 100.



C. Choose which forms you would like to add to your Cart for purchasing.

You can check the Select box at the top of the grid and that will select all forms you have in your grid showing and move them to your cart (if you have more than 10 forms on Forms In Progress and want to add all forms to your cart, you must first choose the filter forms per page to allow all forms to show on the page) and then Click Add to Cart.

Or if you would like to only choose specific forms to add to Cart you can just check the box next to those forms and then Click Add to Cart.



D. The Edit icon allows you to edit a form prior to adding it to your cart for purchasing


When clicking the icon your form opens with all the original data you input.  You can then choose one of the following:


Submit & Checkout will put your edited form back into Forms In Progress and also navigate you back to Forms In Progress to select forms to checkout.

Cancel Edit – if you do not have any changes to make you can cancel this action and it will prompt you to answer the question “Are you sure you want to discard changes?”.

If you click Cancel, it will close the pop-up and leave you on your edited form page.

If you click OK, it will discard any changes you made to the form and then place it back into Forms In Progress and navigate you back to Forms In Progress.


E. The Delete icon allows you to permanently delete forms you do not want to file or keep in Forms In Progress.


Upon clicking the Delete icon you are prompted with the question “Are you sure you want to delete this Form?”.

If you click OK your form will be permanently deleted and removed from your account.

If you click Cancel it will cancel the action, close the pop-up and you will remain on the Forms In Progress page, where you will still see the form you just performed this action on.


F. Selecting your Service Option

Before you can move your forms to the cart, you need to select a service option of either E-File & Delivery or E-File Only. E-File & Delivery will E-File your form to the IRS and send a copy to the recipient on your behalf. Efile Only Only E-Files the form to the IRS. You are responsible for sending a copy to the recipient. 

After you select this option the Add to Cart button will become active and you can add your form(s) to the cart.



Once your forms are in the cart, if you have moved any forms there you are not ready to checkout you can move them back into Forms In Progress. 


Click the Remove button next to the form you want to move back into Forms In Progress or click the Move All to Forms In Progress button to move all forms.

You will be prompted with a pop-up question “Are you sure you want to move the form(s) to the Forms In Progress page?”

If you click Yes, your form will be removed from the Cart and placed back into your Forms In Progress.

If you click No, the pop-up will disappear and your form will remain in your cart and you will remain on the Cart page.




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