How to Upload Data using Excel (for all forms available on site)


Note:  All screen shots provided in the instructions are from test accounts created for this purpose




Step 1 

Log in to your account.  Enter your email address and password and click the Continue button.

You will be brought to your Dashboard.Picture9.png



 Step 2 

There are two ways to navigate to the Upload Center from the Dashboard.

  1. You can hover your mouse over the Filings icon in the left side navigation bar and then click Start Filing which will bring you to the Start Filing page where you can View Import Options.
  2. The View Import Options button in the Import My Forms box provides various options which can be selected for your preferred method of uploading your data, including the Excel Template and QuickBooks.Picture8.png


Step 3

Excel Template Uploads:

If this is your first time uploading from Excel you will first need to download the Excel Template.

Click on the 'Download' button to download the template (Continue on to Step 4 if doing an Excel Upload)Picture7.png





 Step 4

Click on the download (this will open the excel template).

You can also save this template to your computer for later use if needed.Picture6.png



 Step 5

Select the form you are uploading tax information for by clicking the form name tab at the bottom of the screen (i.e. 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, 1099-DIV, etc.).

Note: all forms available on the site have a template in which you can upload information.Picture5.png


 Step 6

Enter your payer and recipient information into the labeled columns. 

Line 1 correlates to the box on the actual form and is for your information only

Line 2 is the column name/section name of each part of the form you need to fill out.

Line 4 is a sample of information entered that you can follow.

All your data must be entered on or below line 6. Do not change the name of the tabs

Once finished filling out all the information needed – save the file to your desktop.Picture4.png


 Step 7 

Once you have completed filling out the form return to the Form Import Options page and click on Select File to Import and choose the file you want to use - then select 'Import Data' when it turns bluePicture3.png






Step 8

Your file will import to the Review page allowing you to correct any errors. If your forms show no errors you can click Save All Forms.Picture2.png



Step 9

Your forms will show in your Forms in Progress page. 

Note:  if you are uploading an Excel  file this is your last step.  Once all forms are on the Forms In Progress page you can continue to move forms to your cart to check out.Picture1.png

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