How to Complete and Submit a Tax Form


Note:  All screen shots provided in the instructions are from test accounts created for this purpose

*You must have Filers and Recipients created before you can start entering forms*


Step 1 

Log in to your account.  Enter your email address and password and click the Log In button.



Step 2 

Confirm you are logged in by being on the Dashboard - the screen will read My Dashboard.

You can access the forms available to file in 2 ways:

1. From the Dashboard you can select the form from the File a Form section or



2. You can click Filing Center in the navigation bar to bring you to the New Filings page.


Once on the New Filings page click the tab of the form type you need to file to expand the form and then click the File button to open the form.mceclip1.png



Step 3

Complete the selected form.

Use the drop down box in each field to select the correct payer and recipient.

When finished you can continue by clicking 1 of 2 buttons - 

1. Submit & File More - will place your completed form on the Forms In Progress page and will bring up a blank 1099-MISC form (so you can continue filing forms)


2. Submit & Checkout - will navigate you to the Forms In Progress page where the form you just completed will be listed and you can select to move into the cart to checkout.


Note:  If you click Submit & File More and need to file a different form you can click Filing Center in the navigation bar and it will bring you back to the File New Forms page, where all the forms are listed.


Step 4

Once  you click Submit & Checkout you are navigated to the Forms In Progress page

Select the form you just filed, by clicking the box next to the form.



Step 4 (cont’d)

Select the service option - either E-File & Delivery or E-File Only.



Step 4 (cont'd)

Click Add to Cart


Step 5

Click Proceed to Checkout button.



Step 6

Read the Affidavit and agree to the terms by clicking in the check box 'I confirm'.

The Submit button will become active once you click the confirm box.

Click Submit.



Step 7

Enter payment information inside open fields *all fields are mandatory*.

Click Place Order.



Step 8

Confirm payment is successful

You will see 'Payment Successful' if transaction is approved

*if payment is declined you will need to go through the checkout process again and re-enter your cc or different cc information*

Click Proceed to next step.



Step 9

If your forms show in your Filed Forms page they are successfully submitted for eFile.

You will be navigated to the Filed Forms page once your forms have been submitted.  On the Filed Forms page you can change the Form Type Filter (and click Apply) to view the forms you just filed and check the status. You can also search by Recipient, Invoice or payer. 



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