How to View/Print Copies of Filed Forms


Note:  All screen shots provided in the instructions are from test accounts created for this purpose




Step 1

Log in to your account.  Enter your email address and password, click that you are not a robot, and click the Log In button.




Step 2

Confirm you are on the Dashboard page.

At the top right corner you should see Welcome (your name). You are securely logged in.

On the Navigation Bar, Click Order History which will direct you to the Filed Forms page.




Step 3

On the Filed Forms page use the filters to select the Form Year, Type and either Originals and Corrections or just Corrections and then click Apply.





Step 4

Once you have your filters selected and you clicked Apply, select the form(s) you want to print.

Either select them individually or check Select All to print them all. You will then notice the print copy buttons turn orange and active.




Step 5

Click the Copy button of the copy you need to print - 

Click Print Copy 1 button for Sales Tax Department Copy

Click Print Copy C button for Payer Copy

Click Print Copy B button for Recipient Copy

Click Print Copy 2 button for Recipient Copy of State Income Tax Form\

Click Print Copy D button (for W-2 only) for Payer copy





Step 6

The form you selected will open as a PDF that can be viewed, printed and saved.

If you need to view, save or print other forms go back to Print Forms web page and repeat the process. 


  • The browsers pop up blocker must be turned off in order to get the PDF to generate. Instructions on turning off the pop up blocker can be found in the knowledgebase by searching pop ups.
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