How to Change Email Address and Password

Note:  All screen shots provided in the instructions are from test accounts created for this purpose


How to Change Password/Email knowing your password




Step 1

Log in to your account.  Enter your email address and password, click that you are not a robot and click the Log In button.





Step 2  

Confirm you are on the Dashboard page.

At the top right corner you should see Welcome (your name). You are securely logged in.

Click the Account Settings link located in the top right.





Step 3 

On the Account Information page click the Change Email/Password link on the left side of the screen.







Step 4

If changing your password, fill out all the empty fields in the top half of the page under Change Password.

If changing your email, fill out all the empty fields in the bottom half of the page under Change Email.

Once all fields are complete, click either Change Password or Change Email button. 




Step 5

Confirm either your password or email has been changed.

You will see a Change Password Complete or Change Email Complete message.

Click Continue and you will return to the Dashboard.


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