How to Check Status of E-Delivery and View Recipient Email

Note:  All screen shots provided in the instructions are from test accounts created for this purpose





Step 1

Log in to your account.  Enter your email address and password, click you are not a robot and click the Log In button.





Step 2 

Confirm you are on the Dashboard page.

At the top right corner you should see Welcome (your name). You are securely logged in.

Access the E-Delivery Status page in 1 of 2 ways –

  1. Click the link underneath Recipients Accepted E-Delivery in the Form Status chart


  1. from the Navigation Bar click Order History then click E-Delivery Status





Step 3

Confirm you are on the E-Delivery Status page.

You should see a table listed with all the forms that have been E-Delivered.  There are 3 columns, Email Sent, Accepted and Accepted On.

The column Accepted and Accepted On will indicate which recipients have accepted E-Delivery.





Step 4

To view the email that is sent out to all recipients, click the link, Please Click Here.





Step 4 (cont'd)

Confirm that a PDF opened up in a new screen or tab.

This is a sample email of what is sent out to each recipient to approve E-delivery.


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